UK: Report: Close associate of Sunak bet on election date

UK: Report: Close associate of Sunak bet on election date
UK: Report: Close associate of Sunak bet on election date

The fact that Prime Minister Sunak had already announced the election in Great Britain for July came as quite a surprise. Even to his closest colleagues?

According to a newspaper report, a close associate of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has bet on a date for the parliamentary election in July. A few days later, Sunak surprisingly announced that the vote would take place on July 4, as the Guardian reported on Wednesday evening. A date in the autumn had been widely expected. Craig Williams had most recently worked as Sunak’s so-called Principal Private Secretary – a kind of assistant with the rank of Under Secretary of State.

The conservative MP admitted to X: “I placed a bet on the general election a few weeks ago.” The responsible regulatory authority, the Gambling Commission, has routinely launched an investigation, with which he is cooperating fully. “I don’t want to distract from the election campaign, I should have thought more carefully about what this would look like,” Williams continued.

Allegedly set 100 pounds

On May 19, according to the Guardian, he bet £100 (€118.46) on July. Sunak announced the date on May 22. The potential winnings are £500.

The opposition Labour Party, which is well ahead of Sunak’s Conservatives in polls, called the case “completely extraordinary”.

It is unclear whether Williams used insider knowledge to make the bet. The MP, who is running in the Welsh constituency of Montgomeryshire and Glyndŵr, did not comment on the issue. The Guardian wrote that Sunak had been thinking about the appointment for some time. A spokesman for the Gambling Commission stressed that betting using insider information is a criminal offence.

For Sunak, it is another distraction in the election campaign. The Prime Minister was recently criticised from within his own ranks for leaving the D-Day commemoration ceremony in France early to record a TV interview.

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