Friedrich Merz open to cooperation with BSW at state level

Friedrich Merz open to cooperation with BSW at state level
Friedrich Merz open to cooperation with BSW at state level

Now it is finally happening: CDU leader Friedrich Merz is open to his party working with the Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW) coalition. We will have to wait and see “what constellations emerge”.

Could there be alliances between the CDU and BSW after the three state elections in the east? Until now, party leader Friedrich Merz was against cooperation with the newly founded party of former left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht – now things sound different.

“In state politics, other decisions are made. It’s not about the question of the Bundeswehr, it’s not about the question of the federal government’s economic policy,” said Merz on Friday in a radio interview with Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR). “In the light of the election results, we have to see what constellations emerge, what government capabilities are conceivable and possible there.” Everything else will be discussed after the election dates.

Friedrich Merz makes a U-turn on BSW

The reason for the turnaround is likely to be the possible election results. For example, in Saxony, according to current polls, it is not impossible that only the right-wing extremist AfD, the CDU and the BSW will make it into the state parliament. In this respect, it is inevitable that the CDU will have to think about new options for power.

At the beginning of the week, Merz said in the ARD Brennpunkt: “That is absolutely clear, we have always said that. We do not work with such right-wing extremist and left-wing extremist parties.” Both apply to the BSW. “It is right-wing extremist on some issues, but left-wing extremist on others.”

In the MDR interview, the CDU leader wanted this statement to be understood as referring exclusively to federal politics. The CDU has not yet made a decision declaring cooperation with the BSW incompatible, but there has been one for cooperation with the AfD and the Left Party.

In Thuringia and Saxony, new state parliaments will be elected on September 1st, and in Brandenburg three weeks later. According to polls, the AfD has a good chance of becoming the strongest faction in all three states.

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