Viktor Orban on Germany: “It doesn’t smell like it used to”

Viktor Orban on Germany: “It doesn’t smell like it used to”
Viktor Orban on Germany: “It doesn’t smell like it used to”

Viktor Orban does not want to accept refugees in his country. During his visit to Germany, Hungary’s right-wing prime minister apparently feels encouraged in this.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has expressed his astonishment at the way Germany looks and has sharply criticized the German government’s migration policy. Germany no longer looks the same as it did ten years ago, Orban told the Hungarian state radio station Kossuth on Friday during his visit to Berlin. “It no longer tastes the same as it used to, it no longer smells the same as it used to, this whole Germany is no longer the Germany that our grandparents and parents used as an example for us.”

Previous generations would have said to their children: “Son, if you want to see hard-working people, then go to Germany, if you want to see well-organized work in Germany, if you want to see order, then go where there is order,” Orban continued. Now, however, Germany is “a colorful, changed multicultural world” in which migrants are “no longer guests.” “That is a very big change,” said the right-wing populist head of government.

Hungary’s Prime Minister criticises German migration policy

It is no longer a question of Germans taking in migrants, “but of left-wing governments granting citizenship, family reunification, whatever, to hundreds of thousands of people in a fast-track procedure,” Orban said. Whoever then receives citizenship will become “part of German nationality.”

“So they are not here as guests of the native Germans, but with their own rights. It is now their country too. In fact, it is becoming more and more their country. That is what I see,” said Orban, warning of “all possible consequences”. “A specific cultural milieu” has now emerged in Germany.

In contrast to Germany, he himself made the decision in 2015 not to welcome refugees in Hungary, said Orban, referring to the refugee crisis of 2015 and the policies of then Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). There are mistakes in politics that can be corrected, be it in foreign policy or in economic matters.

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But if politics “fails in migration policy, it cannot be undone,” said the Hungarian head of government. That is why he has “always advised his compatriots, and I still ask them today, to say no to migration, not to give in to this pressure, to resist, to preserve our country as an island of peace.”

Viktor Orban meets Scholz in Berlin

Orban will be visiting Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in Berlin on Friday afternoon. The reason for the meeting is Hungary’s assumption of the EU Council Presidency on July 1. A meeting with the press was not planned. The right-wing populist Orban has been criticized for years for the erosion of democracy in his country and is at odds with Brussels on issues such as migration policy and support for Ukraine.

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