Essen: AfD delegate bites demonstrator in the leg

Essen: AfD delegate bites demonstrator in the leg
Essen: AfD delegate bites demonstrator in the leg

During the protests against the AfD party conference on Saturday in Essen, AfD delegate Stefan Hrdy clashed with demonstrators at a roadblock and bit one of them in the leg. He says it was self-defense.

There were numerous demonstrations around the AfD party conference in Essen on Saturday. The police had a lot to do: 28 police officers were injured. But there were also injuries among the demonstrators. One of them even suffered a particularly strange injury, as he was apparently bitten by an AfD delegate.

AfD delegate Stefan Hrdy drives his car and comes across a closed-off section of road with demonstrators. He is unable to continue driving. He then gets out and starts filming the demonstrators as he approaches them. When the demonstrators recognize him, they run to block his path and stand in front of the delegate at a road barrier.

AfD delegate falls to the ground and bites directly

Hrdy marches straight into the blockade of demonstrators, then you can see that he is falling. In no time at all he grabs the leg of a demonstrator who is also falling and bites it. Screams from the crowd can be heard, the bitten man pulls up his trouser leg and calls out in horror: “He bit me”. Bite marks are visible. A police officer rushes over and diffuses the situation.

When asked by Bild about the incident, the politician said: “Someone kicked me in the calf from behind, I fell and then had three or four people on top of me. The man whose leg I then bit in self-defense had previously kicked me in the face. Then the police came and freed me.” The statement does not match the video recording. When Hrdy clings to the leg, no one is visibly lying on top of him.

Stefan Hrdy is 67 years old and a former GSG9 elite police officer. According to his own statements, he was involved in the liberation of the passenger plane “Landshut” in Mogadishu in 1977.

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