Middle East conflict: Israel’s army: Air strike against Hezbollah position

Middle East conflict: Israel’s army: Air strike against Hezbollah position
Middle East conflict: Israel’s army: Air strike against Hezbollah position

Israel and the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia have been exchanging fire on a daily basis for months. Israel’s air force is now once again attacking positions in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli Air Force has reportedly once again attacked a position belonging to the pro-Iranian Shiite militia Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. The Israeli army said that Hezbollah’s military infrastructure was attacked overnight. It was not disclosed whether there were any deaths or injuries. The information could not be independently verified at this time. Since the beginning of the Gaza war, Israel has been exchanging fire with Hezbollah in the border region with Lebanon on a daily basis.

The militia declared that Israel must completely end the war in Gaza against its Islamist ally Hamas before it would stop shelling Israel. Recently, the intensity of the fighting has increased significantly. There are fears that a possible open war between Israel and Lebanon could escalate into a regional conflict.

Israel’s army continues to attack Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli armed forces continued their offensive in Shejaiya, a district in the east of the city of Gaza, on Sunday. In recent days, the troops have eliminated several terrorists from the Islamist Hamas militia, found weapons and carried out targeted attacks on booby-trapped fighting positions, the Israeli army said.

Palestinians in Shejaya believe they are trapped, as the news portal “aljazeera.com” reported, citing eyewitnesses. They have been threatened by artillery fire and air strikes for days and have been unable to find food. Some people are injured, but rescue services cannot reach them. The information provided by all sides could not initially be independently verified.

According to the army, Israeli units also took action against Hamas in the southern city of Rafah on the border with Egypt. In recent days, the troops have eliminated several fighters there and destroyed tunnel shafts. At least six Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike on a house in western Rafah on Sunday morning, the Palestinian news agency Wafa reported, citing local sources. These figures could not be independently verified either.

The Gaza war was triggered by the unprecedented massacre in Israel on October 7th last year, which left more than 1200 people dead, carried out by terrorists from Hamas and other groups. Israel responded with massive air strikes and a ground offensive to crush Hamas and its allies. In view of the high number of civilian casualties and the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, Israel is increasingly being criticized internationally.

UN clears delivered aid from pier area in Gaza

After the temporary US port on the Gaza Strip was closed due to weather, the United Nations is moving thousands of tons of relief supplies away from the pier area. Workers have been storing the relief supplies – mainly food – piled up there in warehouses since Friday, World Food Programme (WFP) spokeswoman Abeer Etefa told the German Press Agency.

The goods would be distributed at a later date. When the transport would be completed would depend on how easy it was to move around within the coastal enclave, Etefa added. The temporary dock on the Gaza coast, built by the US military, was put into operation in mid-May to serve as a hub for the delivery of aid to the largely isolated coastal strip. Since then, the port has been out of service several times due to bad weather.

On Friday, the pier was dismantled again due to rough seas. According to the US Department of Defense, it was to be towed to Ashdod on the Israeli coast, a good 30 kilometers away. It was unclear when the pier would be able to be used again. Due to a massive Israeli military operation near the pier, the WFP recently stopped distribution altogether.

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