New allies: Russia seeks to reduce North Korea sanctions

New allies: Russia seeks to reduce North Korea sanctions
New allies: Russia seeks to reduce North Korea sanctions

Partnership with a veto power brings privileges. North Korea is becoming more closely tied to Russia – and can also hope for Moscow’s support in the UN Security Council.

Russia is seeking to ease international sanctions against its new ally North Korea. “We think it is simply unfair and discouraging to impose endless sanctions on the country,” said Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya in New York. We need to think about how the sanctions could be changed. “It cannot go on like this forever.” Despite repeated inquiries, Nebenzya did not comment on the question of whether North Korea should be allowed to test nuclear weapons.

Russia thus confirmed its policy of facilitating the autocratic state of ruler Kim Jong Un in light of its new strategic partnership with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. Western states suspect Moscow of passing on technology to Pyongyang despite the sanctions – in exchange for artillery ammunition and missiles that it uses to wreak destruction in its war of aggression against Ukraine.

Russia recently used its veto in Pyongyang’s interest

At the end of March, Russia had already used its veto power in the UN Security Council in New York to withdraw the mandate of a panel of experts monitoring North Korea with regard to the punitive measures.

With regard to Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, Russia’s president recently threatened to deliver precision weapons to North Korea. The West is acting as if it is not fighting against Russia despite its arms deliveries. In return, however, Russia can also ship its military equipment to other regions of the world and not worry about how it is used, Putin said.

North Korea, ruled by Kim Jong Il, is subject to extensive UN sanctions and import bans because of its nuclear weapons program, which also affect the trade in weapons and the transfer of military technology to the country. During a state visit to Pyongyang, Putin signed a new partnership agreement with Kim, which also provides for mutual assistance in the event of war.

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