SPD: Karamba Diaby withdraws from politics

SPD: Karamba Diaby withdraws from politics
SPD: Karamba Diaby withdraws from politics

Karamba Diaby no longer wants to run in the next federal election. He announced this in a letter to his party.

Karamba Diaby, a member of the Bundestag for the SPD in Halle, does not want to run again in the next federal election. “After months of consideration and deliberation, I have decided – in consultation with my family – not to run for the Bundestag again,” Diaby said in an internal party letter that was made available to the German Press Agency. The “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” previously reported.

Karamba Diaby remains a member of the SPD

There are no political reasons for his resignation. “I look back on eleven enriching and successful years in federal politics.” After three legislative periods, it is time to take new paths and make room for the next political generation. Diaby wants to exercise his mandate until the end of the legislative period. “Of course I will remain active in the SPD and committed to cohesion in our city,” the Bundestag member continued.

Diaby comes from Senegal and has been the subject of repeated racist attacks in recent years. In addition to death threats and insults, there have been several attacks on his office.

Source: Stern

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