US presidential election: Biden is combative: “I’m not going anywhere”

After his TV debacle against Donald Trump a week ago, every appearance by Joe Biden is being dissected. Now the 81-year-old is completing appointments on the national holiday – and apparently has no intention of giving up.

Incumbent Joe Biden appears confident in the heated election debate about his possible withdrawal as presidential candidate. “I’m not going anywhere,” Biden said at a barbecue for active military personnel in the White House garden to mark the national holiday.

Meanwhile, his Republican challenger Donald Trump challenged the 81-year-old to another TV duel. “Let’s have another debate, but this time with no taboos – a discussion where only the two of us are on stage and talk about the future of our country,” he wrote on his mouthpiece “Truth Social”

After his TV debacle against Trump, Biden is fighting on all fronts to save his presidential candidacy. He had a disastrous performance in the evening TV debate a week ago, making several mistakes and losing the thread. After the performance, a debate broke out in the USA about whether Biden is really the right candidate for the Democrats in the presidential election in November.

This Friday he plans to give a TV interview to dispel doubts about his suitability. It is to be broadcast at prime time (2 a.m. on Saturday night in Germany). He will have to speak freely during the interview. At his appointments on the national holiday, Biden, as in almost all of his appearances, largely read from the teleprompter, but here too he stumbled over his words time and again.

Short speech on the national holiday

In the USA, every appearance of the oldest president in the country’s history is now watched with eagle eyes. His actual speech on the national holiday was very short in the evening. US Vice President Kamala Harris praised Biden effusively and called him “an extraordinary president”. The USA’s national holiday on July 4th, which dates back to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, is traditionally celebrated with parties, parades and fireworks.

In the afternoon, Biden received soldiers in the garden of the government headquarters in the US capital Washington. After a short speech, he then apparently spontaneously addressed his guests again and assured them that he did not want to go “anywhere”. A supporter had previously shouted: “Keep fighting! We need you!”

Reports: Biden wants to limit evening appointments

Biden’s health and the question of whether he is still fit enough to hold office have been a recurring topic in recent months. Now new reports on his physical condition are causing a stir. According to media reports, in a conversation with governors, Biden said he needed to sleep more and work less. That also meant limiting his participation in events after 8 p.m. At the same time, he made it clear that he wanted to stay in the race for the White House.

CNN reported that Biden’s comments had frustrated some of the governors. US media had previously written that Biden was often not particularly fit, especially in the evenings, and that the risk of slipping the tongue was particularly high at such events. The TV debate with Trump a week ago also took place in the evening.

Trump challenges Biden again

Trump is using his opponent’s current weakness for his own purposes. In recent days, the Republican, who is usually rather rowdy, has been noticeably reserved. Now the 78-year-old wrote that Biden’s lack of competence will become clear in another debate.

A second TV debate is planned anyway – in September, after the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago in August. Biden is supposed to be officially chosen as the presidential candidate there. He collected the necessary delegate votes for this in the primaries. It is now unclear whether he can continue to withstand the pressure in his own party – or whether he will throw in the towel.

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