“Last generation”: Activists smear Bremen Town Musicians with paint

Activists of the “Last Generation” have often drawn attention to themselves with spectacular protests. In Bremen, they now targeted a well-known landmark of the city.

Environmental activists have poured black paint over the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians in Bremen. Witnesses called the police on Friday afternoon, who found three activists in front of the statue holding up posters of the “Last Generation”. The fire brigade was able to remove most of the paint, according to a police statement. Criminal charges have been filed against the three activists for property damage and violations of the assembly law. The police have begun investigations.

According to a report by Radio Bremen, the environmental activists are demanding that Bremen’s mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) read out a statement from the group, which was handed over to his office on June 27, at a public press conference. This is according to a statement that was made available to the editors of “buten un binnen”.

The Bremen CDU described the action as senseless vandalism. Damage to cultural monuments harms even the most well-intentioned goals. At the very least, the activists should be charged for the costs of the action.

Source: Stern

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