Situation at a glance: Selenskyj sees air defence strengthened thanks to Germany

Situation at a glance: Selenskyj sees air defence strengthened thanks to Germany
Situation at a glance: Selenskyj sees air defence strengthened thanks to Germany

The Ukrainian president has long been calling for more air defence systems. Now he thanks Germany for strengthening them. However, more are needed to ensure reliable protection of at least the major cities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Germany for the delivery of the third Patriot air defense system. “This is great news,” Zelensky said in Kyiv. He also thanked the USA for further steps to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense.

He did not give any details, but said that the country’s partners were fulfilling the agreements. “Ukraine has already proven that there are no Russian missiles that we cannot shoot down,” said Zelensky. The country is doing everything it can to end Russian terror.

He also met with missile manufacturers who were working to counter Russian aggression with something on par. “This is a matter of global stability and security, so that everyone in the Kremlin knows that they will not get away with it,” he continued.

In April last year, Ukraine received the first modern US-made Patriot air defense system for its defense against Russia. The Ukrainian air defense system claims to have already intercepted Russian hypersonic missiles and ballistic missiles. Kiev is said to currently have four systems in total. Romania, among others, has promised more.

President Zelensky originally called for at least seven such systems to provide reliable protection for major cities regularly attacked with missiles, such as Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia and Odessa. He regularly urges Ukraine’s allies to provide further support in air defense.

Russia has been carrying out repeated air strikes on its neighboring country in its war of aggression, which has been going on for more than two years. The missile and drone attacks have caused severe destruction to the energy infrastructure, for example, and have also caused deaths and injuries. Air raid warnings were again in place in many places on Saturday night.

Governor of Donetsk: Five dead in Russian attack

According to Ukrainian authorities, Russian forces attacked the town of Selydove in eastern Ukraine, using two guided bombs among other things. At least five people were killed. At least eleven people were also injured, the military governor of the contested Donetsk region, Vadym Filashkin, and the prosecutor’s office announced yesterday evening on social media. The two bombs were aimed at the premises of a company, it was said. The information could not be independently verified.

Selenskyj announces steps against energy crisis

In his video message, Zelensky announced a complex package of measures to solve the energy crisis in the country. He did not give details, but said that officials would soon present steps on how to support citizens and businesses in times of electricity shortages. As an example, he cited new loan programs with completely interest-free offers. “Everything should work as quickly as possible,” he said.

Negotiations were also underway with European partners with the aim of increasing the amount of electricity imported from abroad. At the same time, repair work was also being carried out on facilities. Many power plants and other energy infrastructure were destroyed and damaged by the Russian attacks. The energy deficit is causing repeated power outages.

White House: Orban’s trip to Moscow is “counterproductive”

In his video address, Zelensky did not address the visit of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Moscow to meet Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. Like the European Union and the German government before them, the USA also criticized the trip, which Orban portrayed as a peace mission. The US government expressed “concern”. The NATO partner’s behavior was “counterproductive” with regard to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and did not contribute to peace in the country attacked by Russia, said US President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Russia could end this war today by giving up its attack on Ukraine, on its sovereignty and on its democracy,” she continued. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had sharply criticized Orban’s talks with Putin and reminded that there could be no decision on Ukraine without Ukraine. Zelenskyj had received Orban in Kyiv on Tuesday for his first visit there since the war began.

Orban’s travel to the talks with Putin came as a surprise and was accompanied by fierce criticism from EU representatives, Western politicians and Ukraine. The EU stressed that the Hungarian had no official mandate for negotiations with Russia.

Selenskyj coordinates with British Prime Minister ahead of NATO summit

The NATO summit is taking place in Washington next week. The heads of state and government of the 32 member states of the defense alliance want to discuss, among other things, the war in Ukraine and the strengthening of their own deterrence and defense capabilities. Ukraine is striving to join the military alliance, but currently has no prospect of being accepted.

Zelensky announced that he had also coordinated with the new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer before the NATO meeting. According to a message on the social network X, Zelensky congratulated Starmer on his victory in the election in Great Britain. The new Prime Minister promised Ukraine the unwavering support of Great Britain, including through the new government in London.

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