DGAP expert Mölling warns against a quick Trump-Putin deal on Ukraine

DGAP expert Mölling warns against a quick Trump-Putin deal on Ukraine
DGAP expert Mölling warns against a quick Trump-Putin deal on Ukraine

Is Donald Trump planning a surprising and spectacular election campaign coup to end the war in Ukraine? At least that is what security expert Chrstian Mölling thinks is possible.

According to security expert Christian Mölling, Donald Trump could reach an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on a plan to end the war in Ukraine before the US election in November – and thus present himself as a peacemaker and put pressure on incumbent President Joe Biden.

Mölling said on Friday in star– “The situation – international”: “If Trump meets with Putin and says: I have the peace deal and Joe Biden wants to lead you into World War III – what should Biden do then? Should he say, I simply reject it? He won’t be able to do that either.” Mölling strongly advised taking Trump’s statements about a direct understanding with Putin seriously.

The Republican presidential candidate has so far announced that if he is re-elected in November, he will find a solution to the Ukraine conflict before his inauguration in January. However, Mölling believes it is possible that he will act even faster. “What does he have to lose?” asked the research director of the German Council on Foreign Relations. “Trump uses the same peace rhetoric and makes himself into a dove of peace as parts of the political spectrum on the far left, the far right and some in the middle do. They say: I bring peace. Who can be against peace? You can’t.” In view of the developments in France, Mölling also predicted “that we are moving at the speed of sound towards a pretty dangerous situation in the fall.”

Deal between Putin and Trump at the expense of Ukraine?

The losers of a direct agreement between the USA and Russia would be above all the Ukrainians. “It could be that there will suddenly be a huge shuttle diplomacy and the only ones who will not be part of the solution will be the Ukrainians. And the question is: what are we then prepared to do for Ukraine?” warned Mölling. In this situation, Europe would have a duty, and Germany in particular.

The expert demanded: “If the Chancellor is serious about the fact that our security is also at stake here, then we must stand up for our security.” There is great concern in Ukraine that a deal brokered by Trump would involve the ceding of territory to Russia. Therefore, according to Mölling, it is important that the Europeans “make themselves a relevant part of the equation.” This would also strengthen their position against a new Trump administration.

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