French Prime Minister Attal to remain Prime Minister “for now”

French Prime Minister Attal to remain Prime Minister “for now”
French Prime Minister Attal to remain Prime Minister “for now”

Everything will probably stay as it is until the Olympic Games are over. French President Macron wants to keep Prime Minister Attal in office for the time being – despite the victory of the left.

France’s Prime Minister Gabriel Attal will remain in office for the time being, despite the government’s defeat in the parliamentary elections. President Emmanuel Macron has rejected Attal’s request to resign “for the time being”. “The President has asked Gabriel Attal to remain Prime Minister for the time being in order to ensure the stability of the country,” Macron’s office said on Monday.

It is expected that Macron will postpone the complicated formation of a government until after the Olympic Games. Due to the sometimes extremely different ideas of the individual camps, the formation of a government is likely to be difficult. A phase of political instability is looming.

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Leftists win surprise elections in France

The left-green New Popular Front coalition surprisingly emerged victorious from the second round of the parliamentary election with around 180 seats. The government camp lost its previous majority and slipped from 250 to around 160 seats. The right-wing populist Rassemblement National (RN) party, which could have expected a majority according to polls, came in third with around 140 seats. This means that none of the three camps has achieved a majority capable of forming a government. An absolute majority requires 289 of 577 seats in the National Assembly.

Although all constituencies have been counted, the numbers are not clear, as many candidates belong to small parties and the allocation to the camps is not always clear. The factions must be formed by July 18, each of which must have at least 15 MPs. These do not necessarily correspond to the alliances before the election. The New People’s Front is likely to split into several factions, like its predecessor, Nupes.

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