War in Ukraine: Rocket attack on Kiev: Dead child recovered from rubble

The Ukrainian capital is mourning the victims of a heavy Russian bombardment. The attack is being discussed by the highest UN body – but Moscow has a right of veto there.

A missing boy was recovered dead from the rubble of a damaged apartment building in Kiev during the night. This was announced by the Ukrainian capital’s civil protection agency after the devastating Russian air strike on Monday. According to the latest figures, 27 people were killed by the impact of several rockets and cruise missiles in the city of three million, including four children. 117 people were injured. There were further victims in the Dnipropetrovsk region in the south. This means that Ukraine has suffered a total of at least 38 deaths and 190 injuries as a result of the latest attacks, wrote President Volodymyr Selenskyj on the social network X.

A day of mourning has been set for today in Kiev. A hit on one of Ukraine’s most important children’s hospitals in the capital Kiev had dramatic consequences. Hundreds of rescuers, doctors and volunteers searched for victims in the rubble. Rescued children with cancer on infusion machines sat on their mothers’ laps in the street. Two adults were killed in the clinic, including a doctor. Rescue work continued, Zelenskyy said. “We continue to work to protect our cities and communities from Russian terror,” he wrote.

Moscow contradicts version of a hit

Ukraine assumes that it was a targeted attack because video images show a cruise missile approaching the building without any obstacles. The Russian military, however, says without any evidence that a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile was used incorrectly. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov demanded that the public should stick to this version. “We do not carry out strikes against civilian targets. Strikes are only carried out against objects of critical infrastructure or military targets,” he said, according to the Tass agency. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also claimed that the hospital was hit by a Nasams anti-aircraft missile from Ukraine.

UN Security Council meets

Seven people were killed in a large residential building near the clinic, including three children. Two people died in an unspecified industrial plant. Unofficial reports suggest attacks on a defense company. Nine people were killed in another partially destroyed hospital and seven people were killed in a business center.

The United Nations Security Council in New York will discuss the devastating attack this afternoon. However, because Russia has a right of veto as a permanent member of the highest UN body, Moscow is not expected to be condemned. Ukraine has been fending off a large-scale Russian invasion for more than two years.

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