They have seen Biden’s decline: Heads of state worried about US election

They have seen Biden’s decline: Heads of state worried about US election
They have seen Biden’s decline: Heads of state worried about US election

According to a political expert, Joe Biden’s fitness is also a concern for the US President’s international interlocutors. And not just since Biden’s duel debacle.

The doubts in the USA about President Joe Biden’s fitness for office have not escaped the participants of the NATO meeting marking the alliance’s 75th anniversary. And many of the high-ranking visitors in Washington apparently share them. “They do not believe he can stay in office for another four years, and I can say that this applies to all the political leaders I met with at the NATO summit,” Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the Eurasia Group consulting firm and initiator of the Global Political Risk Index on Wall Street, reported on Tuesday on the US broadcaster MSNBC.

Bremmer maintains excellent contacts in high international politics and, according to his own statement, spoke to several heads of state and government about Biden at the three-day anniversary event in the US capital. “It’s not that they don’t like him,” stressed the political expert. But they are “deeply concerned.” It doesn’t matter whether they belong to the left or right wing of their respective political spectrum. Biden’s signs of aging are nothing new for the other politicians, explained Bremmer. They had already reported on it at the G7 summit in Italy in June and also discussed it when they met with the president in Normandy.

Biden was on a state visit to France for several days in early June to attend the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy. In the middle of the month, the president met with the heads of state of the other G7 countries in Italy.

NATO partners doubt Biden’s suitability for election campaign

More than other countries in the world, the NATO states are worried about the possible consequences of an election victory and a renewed presidency of Donald Trump, Bremmer continued. The reason is the Republican’s declared policy towards Russia and Ukraine as well as towards NATO and the European Union. “They simply do not believe that [Biden] is up to the challenge. They increasingly believe that he will lose.”

Asked by MSNBC host Katy Tur if Biden could do anything behind the scenes to convince worried allies that he is “still the guy who can win,” Bremmer replied: “Again, they want him to win. OK, I mean, maybe not Viktor Orban in Hungary, but the vast, the vast majority of foreign leaders who are here in Washington right now want Biden to win.”

It is not the case that the heads of state and government fear that Biden is currently incapable of exercising his presidency, Bremmer clarified. “They do not think that Biden would have to resign. I have not heard that from anyone. But what I have heard is that there is no way he will be able to successfully continue his election campaign for another four months, let alone manage another four years after that.”

Biden delivers combative speech at NATO summit

Biden’s combative speech: “Ukraine can and will stop Putin”

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“You have seen the decay”

At the Munich Security Conference at the end of February, the heads of state and government still believed that Biden would win the election, said Bremmer. In recent months, however, their doubts have grown. And now the majority believe that he will lose.

“That’s because they’ve spent time with him over the last year or two,” Bremmer explained. “They’ve seen the decline. They’ve seen him slow down, and not just physically. Signs of Biden’s aging include repeating the same anecdote during a single meeting. “I heard that today from a world leader,” the expert said. Another sign is not recognizing someone he knows very well when they come up to him and introduce themselves.

Before the NATO summit, the White House had already denied reports that the other 31 NATO countries were concerned about the US president’s fitness for office. The government saw “no indications whatsoever” of such concerns among the allies, it said from Washington. Biden had appeared erratic and absent in the TV debate against Trump almost two weeks ago and had repeatedly made mistakes and confused his statements.


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