US election campaign: Criticism from the Senate and Hollywood – Doubts about Biden remain

US election campaign: Criticism from the Senate and Hollywood – Doubts about Biden remain
US election campaign: Criticism from the Senate and Hollywood – Doubts about Biden remain

Biden has his hands full with the NATO summit in Washington. But his candidacy continues to be the dominant topic in Washington. Now Hollywood is also speaking out.

In the debate about US President Joe Biden’s mental fitness, the critical voices in his party are not going away: Michael Bennet is the first Democrat in the US Senate to publicly express clear doubts about Biden’s chances of success in the race for the White House. Top politician Nancy Pelosi is also increasing the pressure. And clear words directed at Biden are not only coming from Washington – but also from Hollywood: Actor George Clooney, who is a big supporter of the Democrats, turns against the 81-year-old in the “New York Times” and passes harsh judgment on Biden.

In the USA, there is a debate about whether Biden is the right Democratic presidential candidate for the November election because of his advanced age. Since his TV debacle against his Republican challenger Donald Trump, Biden has increasingly had to face questions about his mental fitness. Biden is currently trying to score points as host at the important NATO summit in Washington and present himself as the leader of the defense alliance.

Senator fears consequences for majorities in Congress

Senator Bennet warned on CNN of a landslide victory in which the Republicans would gain a majority in both houses of Congress. In the November election, not only the presidency will be up for vote, but also all seats in the House of Representatives and a third of the seats in the Senate. “I believe that Donald Trump is well on his way to winning this election,” said Bennet.

When asked, Bennet did not join in the direct calls for withdrawal that some Democrats from the other parliamentary chamber, the House of Representatives, have made public in recent days. Nevertheless, his words were unusually drastic. “It is a moral question about the future of our country,” he said.

Biden confidante Pelosi responds evasively in TV interview

Biden confidante and top Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi also made headlines with a TV interview in which she refused to clearly support Biden as a presidential candidate. “It is up to the president to decide whether he will run,” she said. “We all encourage him to make that decision because time is running out.” When the moderator pointed out that Biden had apparently already decided to stay in the race, the 84-year-old responded evasively.

After a break, it is session week again in the US Congress. This means that the Democratic parliamentarians are all gathered in the US capital. Regular parliamentary group meetings in Congress usually turn into crisis meetings about Biden’s political future. Observers had expected that the dam could now quickly break – that is, a critical mass of representatives and senators would form an alliance and openly oppose Biden. That has not happened so far. But the critical voices are not disgruntled – there is still great unrest in the party.

Hollywood star Clooney calls for new candidate

But there are doubts about Biden not only in the party – but also among supporters and major donors. “I am a lifelong Democrat; I make no apologies for that,” wrote actor George Clooney in an opinion piece in the “New York Times.” “I love Joe Biden. As a senator. As vice president and as president,” said the Hollywood star. But one battle he cannot win is the battle against time. Because of Trump, the party is so scared that it has ignored the warning signals. That is why it now needs a new candidate.

Just a few weeks ago, Clooney raised millions in donations for Biden’s campaign in Los Angeles at a campaign event with other stars such as Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand. Biden had traveled straight to Hollywood from the G7 summit in Italy to attend the glamorous event. Clooney now had devastating words to say about the event. It was devastating, but this was not even the Biden he experienced during the 2020 election campaign: “He was the same man we all saw at the debate,” wrote Clooney.

Media had previously reported that Biden was not particularly fit at the event on the US West Coast, which was also attended by former President Barack Obama. The gala was not open to the public and only a small press delegation, which usually accompanies the president on trips, was present.

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