Pressure to save: Language and integration courses are being put to the test

Pressure to save: Language and integration courses are being put to the test
Pressure to save: Language and integration courses are being put to the test

When it comes to spending money, the traffic light coalition partners have to make difficult decisions. They do not want to cut back on domestic security – but they do elsewhere.

Language and integration courses for immigrants are being reviewed. This was announced by government circles in Berlin. The funds planned for this are to be reduced from the current 1.1 billion euros to 500 million euros next year, i.e. more than halved. This is also due to the decline in migration. In view of the pressure to save money, the focus of the budget for the Federal Ministry of the Interior next year will be on internal security. Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) speaks of a “security budget”.

But Berlin is also hoping for money from the EU Commission, given the fact that Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic have taken in a particularly large number of refugees from Ukraine. A general integration course has six language sections and an orientation section, totaling 700 teaching hours.

A total of 13.75 billion euros are currently planned for the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s budget next year, according to government sources, after 13.34 billion in the current year. An increase is planned for the security authorities. The Federal Police will receive 417 million euros more than in the current year, the Federal Criminal Police Office 115 million more and the Federal Office for Civil Protection around 72 million euros more.

The changes result from the outlines of the draft budget for 2025, which Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) agreed on last week. The cabinet is expected to approve the draft next Wednesday, but the federal budget will then be finally negotiated and decided in parliament.

Afghanistan program to expire

According to the German Press Agency, the federal admission program for particularly vulnerable Afghans will not continue for the time being. Those who already have a confirmation and are outside Afghanistan should still be allowed to come. However, no new confirmations are planned. The Foreign Office contradicted this; there are currently no plans to stop the program. It is currently being evaluated, the ministry said.

Since the Taliban came to power in August 2021, the program has enabled particularly vulnerable Afghans to come to Germany. It is aimed at people who are particularly exposed due to their commitment to women and human rights or due to their work in the areas of justice, politics, media, education, culture, sport or science.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees on integration courses

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