Joe Biden: Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi distances herself on live TV

Joe Biden: Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi distances herself on live TV
Joe Biden: Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi distances herself on live TV

Joe Biden wants to stick to his candidacy despite all the criticism about his age. The powerful Democrat Nancy Pelosi is now increasing the pressure on the 81-year-old.

In the debate about the presidential candidacy of US incumbent Joe Biden, high-ranking politicians and celebrities have expressed further doubts about the Democrat’s chances of victory. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC on Wednesday that the 81-year-old must make a decision soon. The 84-year-old MP avoided making a clear statement as to whether Biden should run. “I want him to do what he decides to do,” she said. “We are all encouraging him to make a decision because time is running out.” Actor George Clooney told ABC: “We will not win with this president in November.”

Clooney describes himself as a Democrat and organized a campaign fundraiser for Biden in Los Angeles in June. Two weeks later, the first TV debate between Biden and the Republican candidate Donald Trump took place. Biden’s performance was generally considered weak and led to the current debate about his physical and mental performance. He himself has since repeatedly announced that he intends to stick with his candidacy.

Support for Biden is crumbling

Clooney wrote in the New York Times on Wednesday that Biden was not the same man at the fundraiser as he was in 2010 or even at the 2020 election. “He was the same man we all saw at the debate.” Biden was tired and probably had a cold. “But the leadership of our party must stop telling us that 51 million people did not see what we saw.” In a later interview with ABC, the husband of prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney said that the vote on November 5th would not only threaten the loss of the presidency. “On top of that, we will not win the House of Representatives and we will lose the Senate.”

Pelosi told ABC during the day that she thought Biden could win in November. When asked about Pelosi and Clooney’s statements, Biden’s campaign team referred to a letter from the president to the Democrats in Congress, saying that he was sticking to his candidacy and wanted to defeat Trump. Biden himself responded to the question during the NATO summit whether he had Pelosi’s support by raising his fist in triumph.

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