Tigre vs Argentinos: referee, schedule and TV

In the event that the match ends in a tie at the end of 90 minutes, the finalist, who will play for the Cup against Boca Juniors either racing clubwill be determined with shots from the penalty spot.

Soccer is beautiful because it allows surprises, unforeseen results, it is a sport in which the favorite always has a margin of doubt to be able to specify the so-called “logic” and this took place in the quarterfinals with the classification of Tigre and Argentinos.

Tigre, who until last November performed in the First National, went to the Monumental with almost no chances for the Chair against River from Marcelo Gallardo and won 2 to 1.

The “Matador” played a great game in Nuñez, with a remarkable first half, exerting constant pressure on River’s midfield and attacking with great verticality, with a great job by Mateo Retegui and Facundo Colidio, scorers.

In the second half he withdrew a bit due to River’s need, although he never resigned the offensive, achieving as a reward for that intention the advantage after the “millionaire” tie.

Tigre qualified on the last date in fourth place in Zone B, while River advanced to the quarterfinals in advance in Zone A, but this tournament system allows everything to be equal in the final phase and be a “new” history every commitment.

Argentinians is the remaining “stone guest” in this semifinal after postponing the penalty shootout, after equaling 1 to 1, a Estudiantes de La Plata who was given half plus one already installed in the semifinals against River.

But Argentinos, led by Gabriel Milito, showed that it is one of the teams that displays the best game, well treated ball, triangulations, and quick transition and an offense that has a scorer like the Paraguayan Gabriel Avalos.

In addition, the “Bicho” showed temperament in La Plata against a full stadium against, a winning and solid opponent, who took the lead 1-0 and with a man less after the expulsion of Matías Galarza.

Now the situation will be different for Tigre and Argentinos, they will no longer be waiting for what the rival does, they will have to seek victory without assuming the role of probable “victims” against opponents who were favorites.

In Tigre, DT Diego Martínez could repeat the team that played in Nuñez, although if there was a variant it could be the entry of Ijiel Protti by Alexis Castro, passing Colidio to the middle of the field.

On the Argentinian side there will be two forced variants with the absences of Miguel Torrén, with five yellow cards, Marco Di Césare would go for him, and the expelled Galarza, Nicolás Reniero would enter.

As for the history between the two, it is 45 games and favors those from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal with 20 victories against 11 of the “Matador” of Victoria, while there were 14 draws.

probable formations

Tiger: Gonzalo Marinelli; Lucas Blondel, Víctor Cabrera, Abel Luciatti and Sebastián Prieto; Sebastián Prediger and Ezequiel Fernández; Alexis Castro or Ijiel Protti, Cristian Zabala and Facundo Colidio; Matthew Retegui. DT: Diego Martinez.

Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzillotta; Kevin Mac Allister, Marco Di Cesare and Lucas Villalba; Faust Vera; Thiago Nuss, Gabriel Florentín, Gabriel Carabajal and Mariano Bíttolo; Gabriel Avalos and Nicolas Reniero. DT: Gabriel Milito.


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