The Innsbruck Bergisel extends its claws

The Innsbruck Bergisel extends its claws

“The Bergisel is just a blede sow from time to time.” The German Markus Eisenbichler did not mince his words in 2021 after his friend and roommate Karl Geiger lost all tour opportunities in Innsbruck. Two years later, there would be something of a déjà vu. Geiger, who came fifth overall from Garmisch, failed the qualification completely, as 51st he has no Leiberl in today’s third competition of the 71st Four Hills Event (1.30 p.m., ORF 1) and therefore no point gain. The 29-year-old will be passed in the classification: “It’s extremely bitter, that was just a botch,” which left DSV head coach Stefan Horngacher speechless. Nobody expected such a disaster.

This also hurts the organizer, who was expecting thousands of visitors from the neighboring country. Geiger’s crash landing is a real mood dampener. Yesterday there were 5,500 fans in the “Kessel”, today it should be more than 15,000, even if Austria’s ski jumpers like those of the Germans have no prospect of the “Golden Eagle”.

Other nations make the music. For example the Poles, who are increasing the pressure on the sovereign tour leader Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway. In the elimination, World Cup leader Dawid Kubacki dominated ahead of compatriot Kamil Stoch, Granerud in 13th lost twelve meters and 21.8 points to Kubacki. If things continue in this way, then Kubacki, who is separated from Granerud by 26.8 points in the tourney, could travel on to Bischofshofen as number one for the Dreikönigsjumping.

Will Granerud master his mountain of fate today?

But that’s a dream of the future, the Bergisel, whose slow inrun caused problems for some athletes yesterday, does not allow for exact forecasts due to its unpredictability and the myth surrounding it.

Solid ÖSV “Adler”

The ÖSV “Adler” must be on the list, the qualification confirmed the collectively strong performance of Garmisch, where a quintet had jumped into the top twelve. Yesterday five Austrians finished between sixth place (Stefan Kraft, Jan Hörl) and 14th. Very good, but not absolute world class. “They were really solid jumps. If there are around 20,000 spectators at the competition, it will be awesome,” said Kraft, who shook off the disappointment of Garmisch (18th place).

Maybe it will work out with one of those podium places that have been few and far between from a red-white-red point of view in the past ten years. Since Gregor Schlierenzauer’s victory in 2013, only Kraft (2x second) has landed on the podium.

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