Hula Hoop fitness trend: How to reduce the waist circumference

Hula Hoop fitness trend: How to reduce the waist circumference

In 2020 he celebrated his big comeback: the hula hoop. However, it owes its regained cult status not to the toy industry, but to the fitness industry – which uses it as a practical weight-loss aid.

“I remember him from my childhood!” is probably a common answer to the question: Do you actually know what a hula hoop is? The first models made of plastic have been around since the 1950s – until then they were mainly made of wood. However, the meaning of the hoop was and is still the same today: with a little skill and even more physical effort, it should be made to gyrate around your own hips, without the help of your hands. In contrast to the past, the classic hula hoop is no longer sold as a toy, but as a fitness hoop: used correctly, it should strengthen the abdominal muscles and thus reduce the abdominal circumference.

Hula hoops through the ages

The classic hula hoop was still made in one piece. The material was so hard that bruises in the hip area (with frequent use) became an unpleasant side effect. In the meantime, however, there are various models made of solid foam that provide the necessary padding. They consist of several individual elements that simply have to be snapped together to make assembly easier – and to set the right size for children and adults. There is even which you can fill individually (e.g. with rice, beans or sand) to adapt the weight of the ring to your personal full-body workout.

If you have never trained with a hula hoop before, you should consider the following point before buying a fitness hoop made of foam: It may sound paradoxical, but it actually works better for beginners with heavy hula hoops than with light ones – it depends on the so-called centrifugal force. For this reason, the hula hoop should be selected according to body weight, i.e. tires up to 1200 grams are suitable for adults who do not weigh more than 80 kilograms. Above that, the tire should weigh at least 1500 grams – from a weight of 100 kilograms even 2000 grams for example, measures 1500 grams.

Hula hoop fitness promises these benefits

The purpose of a hula hoop is to swing it around your body with circular movements of the hips. This trains the stomach and legs, but also the buttocks. And that’s not all of the benefits of regular exercise. Because the fitness tire should also:

  • strengthen the muscles
  • improve coordination
  • promote blood circulation
  • tighten the connective tissue
  • reduce waist circumference

Especially the last point is crucial for many hula hoop beginners. Because the fact is that the fitness ring can also contribute to weight loss if you use it correctly and regularly. And if you can believe the following video, in the one used daily for four weeks. According to the female test person, she was able to reduce her waist circumference by an impressive four centimetres.
You can see how she did it here:

Weight reduction: Hula hoop fitness in trend: This is how the hoop helps you lose weight

The video shows: This is how the waist circumference can be reduced in just one month.

How to properly use a hula hoop

In the video you already get a little insight into how to set one up applied correctly. The most important steps for beginners are summarized below:

Step 1
Place your (preferably bare) feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart, so that you have a firm footing. If you are a little unsteady on your feet, you can put one foot a little further forward.

Step 2
Grasp the hoop sideways with both hands so that it rests against your lower back and is level with the floor. Now start swinging the fitness ring to the left or right (the direction doesn’t matter).

step 3
Try to hold the hula hoop up using your hips by making back and forth circular motions. Tighten your stomach and hold your arms up at an angle, otherwise the ring will fall off.

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