Premier League: Spurs announce consequences after fan kick

Premier League: Spurs announce consequences after fan kick

What a scene: A Spurs fan steps towards the back of Arsenal goalkeeper Ramsdale. Hosts Tottenham are appalled and announce the consequences.

Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur have strongly condemned the behavior of a fan following their North London Derby defeat. Spurs announced consequences after the supporter kicked Gunners keeper Aaron Ramsdale after the 2-0 draw with Arsenal.

“We are appalled by the behavior of a fan,” the club wrote in a statement on its website after the incident, which also led to tumultuous scenes on the pitch. “Violence in any form has no place in football,” Spurs said.

Video material has already been evaluated to identify the trailer and, together with Arsenal and Ramsdale, to impose the greatest possible sanctions. This also includes the immediate stadium ban. The association also wants to work with the responsible police to clarify the matter.

The Premier League is also reacting

The fan had tried to kick the 24-year-old Arsenal keeper in the back as he went for a bottle from behind goal. Whether and how badly Ramsdale was hit was difficult to tell. A steward immediately intervened, more and more players from both teams joined, and a tumultuous scene developed.

The Premier League also responded with a statement and pledged support for the sanctions. Under no circumstances should players be attacked or fear for their safety during a game, it said.

The tabloid “The Sun” wrote that it was a “shocking moment”. “It’s a shame, at the end of the day it’s just a football game,” said Ramsdale after the game. He was hit in the back. “I think players from both teams tried to get me out of there and luckily nothing too drastic happened.” The Daily Mail wrote: “Chaos erupted after North London Derby”.

Before the game, Spurs fans and security forces clashed at Tottenham stadium as some supporters tried to get through to the arriving Arsenal supporters.

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