Boca officially presented Bruno Valdez and confirmed the departure of a player

Boca officially presented Bruno Valdez and confirmed the departure of a player

“Óscar Romero helped me a lot to make this decision, because when the Boca board of directors called me I spoke with him and he gave me the best impressions of the club”revealed this footballer with good technique and goalscoring ability despite his status as a defender.

valdezwhich was presented by the Boquense president himself, Jorge Amor Amealwho conveyed the welcome greetings from the vice, Juan roman riquelmesince Abu Dhabiassured to be “physically well”

“It is that I was in the preseason of America, of Mexico. Work, respect and discipline are things that I can promise the Boca fan. And as for my characteristics, I like to start playing from behind, but also put what needs to be done put when the parties require it”he clarified.

“Argentine football is very dynamic, structural and tactical, and I have to adapt to what Boca and the coach want. I feel very proud to wear this shirt and I would like to put it on now and try to make people happy and show them to the club the reasons why he noticed one”he pointed.

valdez He also pointed out as one of those responsible for his arrival the coach’s field assistant, Hugo Ibarra“A pompei i had it in sun of america and it was another one that helped me a lot to make the decision. And when I score a goal I want to celebrate it by doing the Topo Gigio, although for that I have to ask its creator, who is Riquelme”he remarked.

“In Mexico with América I played 4-3-3 as Boca does now. My natural position is the central marker, but if the team ever needs me as a right back I can do it, because I already did it there”closed the new number 25 of Mouth.

But while the press conference was going on, simultaneously Mouth insisted on finding a partner in central defense for valdezand for this he offered him almost $2,000,000 to Independent for Sergio Barretoputting into numbers an interest that has been coming for some time.

In addition to that money, Mouth would do to Independent the offer to take over a debt that the club avellaneda He has with the man from Formosa, 23 years old.

Almendra went to a team with the River shirt

But while the arrivals began in Mouththe games are also speeded up, although not in the best conditions for the club, since the goalkeeper’s compulsive departure Augustine Rossi added confirmation that the steering wheel Augustine Almond will be a player of Vallecano Rayof the first division of Spain.

almond mouth.jpg

The native of San Francisco Solanowhich was not being taken into account a year ago, signed a pre-contract with the Vallecano Ray of Spain to become a player of the Madrid team from July 1, the date on which the contract between the midfielder and the “Xeneize” club expires.

Almond He was virtually “hanged” by the “xeneize” board after an interdict with the previous coach, Sebastian Battagliaand it has been almost a year since he saw action in the Primera de Mouthbut also resisted renewing his contract.

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