Scaloni did not confirm the team against Uruguay: “We are going to wait, there is fatigue”

“We cannot ensure the team one hundred percent, we will wait until the last minute to define it. Later we will train, in any case, whoever plays, we know that the performance of the team in Paraguay was satisfactory”, explained Scaloni in the virtual conference.

“We are less than 48 hours from recovery, there is fatigue. The ‘Huevo’ Acuña came out due to a discomfort, we hope he can move normally and for tomorrow we will decide, I do not like to put players who are not in conditions,” he continued.


Thus the coach left open the question about who will be on the left side between Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico, the same did on the right between Nahuel Molina and Gonzalo Montiel.

“We evaluate dosing, since a player rests 20 minutes is important. We need to know where we are standing, I have the team in mind but we depend on physical recovery,” he insisted.

Regarding Uruguay (16 points), he stressed that he is a team with a “hierarchy with great players” but clarified that he will go out to play in the “same way.”

“Uruguay is not a national team like any other, it is a team formed a long time ago and I like how they all shoot together for the same side. They have a mix of young people and consolidated footballers, with first-rate forwards and they are one of the best teams in the world”, valued.

His praise for the work in Uruguay – champion in the 2011 Copa América and fourth in the 2010 World Cup – continued when he spoke of Oscar Washington Tabárez: “He is an example and hopefully in Argentina we can sometime be with a coach for so many years and keep a line of play “.

On the other hand, he spoke out again about the match suspended against Brazil on the previous triple date and asked for a “prompt resolution” because in November they will meet in San Juan and it is still “not known” what will happen to those three points.

Argentina has 19 and together with Brazil (27) is undefeated, so if it added those three it would be statistically on its way to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

“I do not see material time that the game can be played with Brazil, there is no date on the calendar, I expect a quick resolution and we think that we are the victims in this case,” he argued.


In addition, Scaloni explained that it was “never” in his head to return forward Julián Álvarez to be with River against Banfield, since he is “important” in the group and in the team.

“There is a lot of talk about things like the calling of Julián Álvarez and in the situation we are in, it is impossible for us to give him up in the middle of the dates. For him it is a complicated situation because River is fighting the tournament. It always contributes to us”, assured.

“We have maximum communication with Marcelo Gallardo and his coaching staff, I want to clarify it because many things were said in the week that are not true,” he described.

Argentina will host Uruguay on Sunday, starting at 8:30 p.m., at the Monumental stadium and with arbitration by Chilean Roberto Tobar.

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