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Traffic control: German NBA star in handcuffs

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Shock for Dennis Schröder
Image: Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Megan Briggs

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Schröder described the events on his own YouTube channel. Accordingly, a friend was behind the wheel while he was further back in the vehicle. The driver had to get out at a gas station and lie on the ground with his arms and legs spread.

Meanwhile, Schröder himself was instructed to get out slowly and with his hands raised. “When I was with them, they put my arms down and handcuffed me. But also really jerky. You were ultimately surrounded by “20,25,30 cars”. “Well, really alarmed. I see shotguns, pistols, uzis and have no idea what kind of guns they had. It was like being a criminal doing something. That was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The clarification came a little later: It was a matter of a misunderstanding. Schröder was then able to clarify that the license plates came from his Cadillac, which he had sold a year earlier. “In the end they did well too and helped us. Then everything cleared up. Luckily nothing happened to anyone. We then got home safely, ”said the family man.

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