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Messi and Di Maria in 2026? Scaloni revealed the condition for them to reach the next World Cup

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Scaloni spoke of Messi and Di María

“As a former teammate, training him is wonderful, I see how the other players look at him and follow him, he’s the best. He’s a champion who will last over time”added the coach about the star of the Paris Saint-Germain.

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“The same thing happens with Di María”added scaloni regarding the eventual presence of the forward of Juventus in the next world Cup from the technical center of the FIGC in coverciano.


scaloni was invited in Florence as a speaker of the refresher course for Italian coaches as well as the Italian Ferdinand of Giorgiwho guided the “azzurra” to win the Volleyball World Cup male.

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“Behind our world title there was a communion between fans, coaching staff and players, something exciting that made the sense of belonging to this unique jersey even stronger”considered scaloni after receiving his distinction from the hands of Roberto ManciniDT of the Italian team that won the Euro 2020/21.

scaloni offered a talk with his compatriots Esteban Cambiaso and walter samuel (who integrates the coaching staff of the “albiceleste”) to describe the path of Argentina to the title in Qatar 2022.

The Argentine DT also spoke about the “Calcium” and the participation of their compatriots in the 2022-23 edition of the A series who has the napoli as the only leader after 23 dates.

“I really like Napoli, they have a great coach who is making a difference”manifested scaloni about Luciano Spallettiarchitect of a team that is looking for its third “Scudetto”.

“He plays each game differently and I’m not referring to the tactics. I really like how he approaches the games and that’s why he’s up there, I hope the Scudetto wins”trusted the parthenopean team.

scaloni about his management in Italian football he said: “I hope Ángel continues like this. The same happens with Lautaro Martínez, he plays in a great team of which he is now also captain and he is dragging it”expressed the scorer of the Inter.

“I also love him as a person, he’s always been my favorite striker, he came to the World Cup with some problems, but when we needed him he was always there”added about Lautaro Martinez.

lautaro martinez argentina.jpg

scaloni He also spoke about a possible future call for Giovanni Simeonewho is part of the staff of the napolibut was left off the list for Qatar 2022.

“The truth is that Argentina has many ahead, but I respect it”explained scaloni about the eldest son of the DT of the Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone. Another one left off the list to Qatar 2022 was Nicholas Gonzalezfront of Fiorentina whom he disaffected due to an injury only days before the start of the world Cup.

“It was hard for him, but also for us not to have him, because when he is at 100% he is a player who always makes a difference”praise scaloni to Nicholas Gonzalez.

scaloni He also had a stint with “Calcio” in his career as a footballer, as he defended the colors of lazio and Atalanta and expressed his desire that both clubs qualify for the next edition of the Champions League.

“My wish is that both can achieve their goal, I love them both. Both teams, Lazio with (Maurizio) Sarri and Atalanta with (Gian Piero) Gasperini have their own precise idea of ​​the game.”pondered scaloni.

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