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Atlético Tucumán tied it to Vélez in the last play

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However, in stoppage time, in a defensive neglect, Atletico Tucuman achieved parity, with a conquest of the Paraguayan also Marcelo Gonzalez (St. 49m.)

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Velez he did better things during the first stage. With the criteria of the kid Elias Cabrera (with barely a handful of matches in the First Division), the projections of Thomas Guidara by right and what forced Lucas Janson With his continuous movements in attack, “Fortín” treated the ball more carefully.

The truth is that, in line with what he has been able to show so far in the championship, Liniers’ team suffered from the lack of completion of maneuvers: he did things well up to three quarters of the field and then that better action vanished.

Even so, the cast of “Cacique” Medina had his chances to decree the opening as a header from Florentin, which went astray; or a free kick cabrera, who found a rebound on the barrier and almost got into the goalkeeper Marchiori.

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Atletico Tucuman It was a grimace of what he knew how to exhibit in the last tournament. A slow team, without rhythm. In addition, the ‘Dean’ was stunned in the defensive block when the rival pressed him high. The best of the venue occurred when Mateo Coronel was able to prevail over the right sector and generate some inconveniences for the Ortega brand.

In the second period, Vélez was able to hit the first one he had: a free kick from Cabrera that reached the head of the Paraguayan Florentín, who spiked from behind and submitted the goalkeeper Marchiori. The VAR review, which evaluated a possible advanced position, delayed the validation of the conquest.

The disadvantage did not speed up the reaction of the “Dean”, who continued with the same errors and the same inaccuracies. On the contrary, Vélez seemed to be better organized with the income of Bou and Julian Fernandez. In short, he bet on a 4-4-2 and was prepared for the counter. A shot on the crossbar Florentin deprived the visitors of celebrating the second.

the uruguayan Diego Godin, who returned to official activity after the Qatar 2022 World Cup, retired injured with a calf injury and led to the entry of the kid Valentín Gómez. the entrance of pratto He also revealed the strategy of DT Medina: possession of the ball to supply in a lunge and try to settle the story.

It almost happened at 37m, when the forward assisted his teammate janson and the former Tiger sent her up from a favorable position.

Atletico Tucumanstubbornly but lacking in clarity, prowled the Uruguayan’s area Burian in the final minutes and sent crosses from different points.

And in one of them, at 49m, when the local fans were already appearing resigned, a ball into the area that the Velezano bottom failed to clear allowed the Paraguayan to appear Marcelo Gonzalezwho hit her in a defective way, pushed her to the goal and decreed the 1-1

Liniers’ team, which could not defend itself with the ball in the final stretch, was left with 5 units in the standings.

On the contrary, the Tucuman squad accumulates just two points, along with Banfield, with which it appears only above Colón de Santa Fe, Arsenal and Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero.

Vélez will face Boca this Saturday at 9:30 p.m. at the José Amalfitani stadium, while Atlético Tucumán will visit the top Defensa y Justicia on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

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