Di María’s anguish over the hospitalization of her daughter

Di María’s anguish over the hospitalization of her daughter

say maryas was said, shone with the Juventus and he celebrated each goal with his characteristic heart, but it was striking that in the second his eyes filled with tears.

noodle had to travel to France to play against him nantesbut his wife and daughters could not be by his side.

Jorgelina He made a post that realized that they are not going through the best moment: piathe youngest daughter of the couple, encouraged her father from the hospital.

cardoso He shared a video that shows the girl in a clinic room: “You make the sun always appear on gray days. We love you strong,” she wrote.

The wife of say mary this time he did not tell why his daughter pia is in the hospital, although during the world she had to be rushed to a guard because she had a high fever.

angel di maria He remained focused despite his daughter’s illness and would have kept in touch by video call with the girl and her older sister.

The mother of the four-year-old girl was saddened by her daughter’s condition and declared that it “destroys her soul”. Jorgelina further explained that pia she is prone to disease by assuring that she “knows all the hospitals in the world”.

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