Marítimo beat Santa Clara 3-1 at home

Marítimo beat Santa Clara 3-1 at home

Gabriel Silva was another of the outstanding players. The Santa Clara striker showed his best level by scoring 1 goal.

The game had a large number of bookings: Kennedy Boateng, Bruno Almeida, Gabriel Batista, Zainadine Júnior, Vitor Costa, Kento Misao, Xavi Quintillá and Moisés Mosquera.

Marítimo’s strategist, José Gomes, stopped the starting eleven with a 4-5-1 formation with Marcelo Carné in goal; Cláudio Winck, Zainadine Júnior, René Santos and Vitor Costa on the defensive line; Stefano Beltrame, Val, Geny Catamo, Bruno Xadas and André Vidigal in the middle; and Pablo Moreno in attack.

For their part, those chosen by António Rocha Simão entered the field of play with a 4-3-3 scheme with Gabriel Batista under the three sticks; Nanu Gomes, Kennedy Boateng, Ítalo and Xavi Quintillá in defense; Bruno Almeida, Adriano and Kento Misao in the midfield; and Ricardinho, Kyosuke Tagawa and Gabriel Silva up front.

The judge chosen to lead the match at the Marítimo stadium was Artur Soares.

For the following date, Marítimo will act as a visitor against Gil Vicente and Santa Clara will receive Vitória Guimarães.

With this result, the host accumulates 16 points throughout the tournament and occupies sixteenth place. For its part, the visit adds 15 units and is located in seventeenth place.

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