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VIDEO: The six goals from Platense-Talleres de Córdoba

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Nicolás Castro (St. 3m.) and Nicolás Servetto (St. 35m.) led to discounts for the DT Martín Palermo team, which stumbled for the second time in a row.

Platense Synthesis 2-4 Workshops

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Platense: Ignacio Arce; Gonzalo Asís, Miguel Jacquet, Gastón Suso and Juan Infante; Franco Baldassarra; Jerónimo Cacciabúe, Iván Rossi and Nicolás Castro; Vicente Taborda and Nicolás Servetto. DT: Martin Palermo.

workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Juan Rodríguez and Juan Carlos Portillo; Rodrigo Villagra, Alan Franco, Ramón Sosa and Rodrigo Garro; Francisco Pizzini and Michael Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

Goals in the first half: 10m Pizzini (T); 14m Saints (T); 42m Gate (T).

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Goals in the second half: 3m Castro (P); 20m Saints (T); 35m Servetto (P).

Changes in the second half: Before the start, Diego Valoyes for Sosa (T) and Mauro Quiroga for Baldassarra (P); 25m Nahuel Bustos for Santos and Christian Oliva for Villagra (T); 30m Maximiliano Zalazar for Jacquet, Ignacio Vázquez for Taborda and Agustín Alonso for Cacciabúe (P); 37m Valentin Depietri by Garro (T); 45m. Vicente Fernandez for Pizzini (T).

reprimanded: Infante and Taborda (P) Franco (T)

Referee: Hernan Mastrangelo.

VAR: Nicolas Lamolina.

Stadium: City of Vicente Lopez

Source: Ambito

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