The Best 2022: “El Tula” made Infantino dance and went viral

The Best 2022: “El Tula” made Infantino dance and went viral

The show of El Tula

Totally dressed in the colors light blue and white, Tula took the stage and surprised everyone by doing so accompanied by his classic bass drum, with which he has accompanied the national team since the 1974 World Cup in Germany, being present at the three consecrations of the country.

“Tulla”, who considered himself “the first hype in the history of the world”, went up characterized with the light blue and white shirt, hat and hype in hand. In fact, as if he were on a court, he had the pleasure of playing the instrument that former President Juan Domingo Perón gave him as a gift in 1971.

“The satisfaction that seeing Argentina gave me, as a soccer fan, is priceless,” said the famous Argentine fan.

FIFA described the national nomination as follows on its website: “The journey from Argentina to Qatar is not exactly short, but fans of La Albiceleste have flocked to Doha since the start of the tournament to support Lionel Messi in his last attempt to win the only trophy that remained elusive until then”.


“The noise they made in the stands was constant, with drumbeats and chants making almost every game in Argentina seem like a home game for Messi and company,” FIFA explained.

In this shortlist, Argentina prevailed over Japan, to which the cleanliness in the post-match stadiums was highlighted, and against the Saudi Abdullah Al Salmi, who spent 55 days walking through the Arabian Desert to see his team in action.

Fury on the social networks

At the end of his speech, the man from Rosario was encouraged to play the bass drum, and although most of his compatriots present sang the now emblematic “boys” of La Mosca Tsé Tsé, Tula opted for the traditional “Vamos, vamos Argentina”, a rhythm that he was accompanied by clapping from even the president of FIFA himself, Gianni Infantino.


Who is El Tula

“El Tula” is a famous character from Rosario who dedicated his life to actively participate in sports events and political acts of Peronism.


This symbolic fan was able to reach the Middle East and lived closely the consecration of Lionel Messi and company. In addition, this was his 13th World Cup since the first one he saw in situ, in Germany 1974.

I drew Martínez, Scaloni and Messi

But El Tula was not the only distinguished Argentine on the Swiss night. The great news for the country was given, without a doubt, by Lionel Messi, who confirmed the obvious by winning The Best award for the best player of 2022.

That was the finishing touch for a night that had begun in the best way, since Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez established himself as the best goalkeeper of last year, beating the Moroccan Bono and the Belgian Courtois.

Then came the next joy, when lionel scaloni he won the award for the best manager in the world. For that, he left Spanish Pep Guardiola, from Manchester City, and Carlo Ancelotti, from Real Madrid, on the road.

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