National team: Flick combative: With fresh blood for the home EM

National team: Flick combative: With fresh blood for the home EM

Immediately after the end of the World Cup, national coach Hansi Flick gave interviews. After that he was often seen in the stadium, but rarely heard from him. At an advertising date, however, he is now open.

Hansi Flick seemed relaxed and relaxed, but at the same time motivated and combative. The embarrassing preliminary round at the World Cup in Qatar somehow seemed more than 89 days away.

At an advertising event for the two European Championships in 2024 in Cologne, the national soccer coach chatted casually with his handball colleague Alfred Gislason and, at the first personal meeting, invited him directly to the meeting of the entire coaching team in Frankfurt. He posed for photos with fans and even answered questions he didn’t really want to comment on.

Ter Stegen number 1 during Neuer injury?

These should only revolve around the advertising date in Cologne, but when Flick was asked whether Marc-André ter Stegen was the clear number 1 during the injury to regular goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, he answered friendly. And made it clear that the FC Barcelona goalkeeper had nothing to worry about. “We have often spoken out on this topic and clearly shown our order,” said Flick.

Even during the casual chat on the previous tram ride through Cologne, Flick had become more concrete than could have been expected at this first major public appearance in 2023. And announced that he will nominate some newcomers for the two internationals against Peru and Belgium at the end of March.

Looking for new staff

“We’re looking every weekend and looking for something fresh,” he said. He is currently exchanging views with his coaching team about “what they saw in the game observations and which player came up. We will see that we have one or two new ones with us. It will be interesting to see some youngsters .” Fresh blood can certainly not hurt after the frustration World Cup three months ago. Of course, “a certain stability is also necessary,” explained Flick: “We have to manage this balancing act.”

In any case, he is happy that the next international match is finally due on March 25th. “We want to show what we’re made of,” said Flick: “I’m sure we have very good quality and cool guys.” The tactical focus is first of all on the defensive: “Obviously, we have to improve there.” Above all, it’s about “calling up the performance at the right moment. It’s important that you feel there’s a team that’s fighting and that wants to give something back to the spectators. Anyone who wants that is welcome to be part of our way to 24 euros.” The aim is to “show such passion that everyone can identify with the team.”

In this respect, the former Cologne professional Flick admitted, one could, for example, orientate oneself on the Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln. “Steffen Baumgart and his team managed to get the euphoria back in and take the fans with them,” said Flick: “That can be a good example for us of how to get the fans behind you with exciting football.”

The 58-year-old is also concerned with the often-discussed topic of being close to the people. And so, like DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and Sports Director Rudi Völler, who appear on Wednesday for the World Cup analysis in the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag, he spoke out in favor of earlier kick-off times for international matches. “I already have grandchildren and I’m often asked by their classmates: why do you always play so late?” he said. At least occasionally, earlier kick-off times should be possible. “These are things that we keep bringing up, but we can’t find a consensus on them. We have to make sure that we find a solution, that we might not play every game earlier, but at least have one from time to time where the whole family can watch.”

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