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The first to respond to De Paul: Pasculli crossed him for his statements about the selection

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Then, he based his position and took a plate from the title in undefeated condition of 1986: “I don’t think it’s the best team in history. There were very good teams. The one from ’78 made people really entertained. Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia, which is the first time they’ve beaten us in a game.”

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“We, for example, were undefeated World Champions, we didn’t lose any game. I understand what you’re saying, but maybe you didn’t see the rest of the teams”he pointed out in radio statements.

Finally, and without saving anything, he added: “He says that this National Team did not have the best players, but he thinks it was the best in history. How is that? He says that there were other teams with better players, but they are not the best in history.”

“So he disrespects his teammates, saying they weren’t the best. We were the best in ’86, but De Paul didn’t see that World Cup. I don’t know where he was, he hadn’t started playing football yet and he hadn’t even been born. The truth would be to invite him to see the ’86 World Cup and our National Team”sentenced.

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This crossing occurred after the statements of the current midfielder of the Argentine national team and of the Atletico Madridwho He stressed that the current one is the best in history for the achievements he obtained during the cycle of lionel scaloniin which they conquered the Copa América 2021, Finalissima 2022 and the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“I think we ended up making, everyone forgive me, the best National Team our country had. I’m not saying it out of ego, far from it. I think the National Team had better players than those of us who make it up, but as a team we beat all the current champions there were, the last American champion (Brazil), the last European champion (Italy) and the last world champion (France)”had assured Paul’s.

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