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Brazilian player wanted to follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and almost “died”

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But, apparently, the Portuguese routine is not for everyone, since boyish He said that he wanted to imitate crack to return to being a starter in the palmeiras and that almost cost him his life.

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in dialogue with Palmeiras Cast, boyish noted that he wanted to try feeding Christian to get back to full physical health and convince his DT to give him a chance in the first team.

He specified that the diet began with a egg and supplements for breakfast, again supplements before training, in the afternoon and before going to sleep, fish or meat grilled and salad for lunch and dinner.

The next day he was called up for the game, but the effects were negative: “I was warming up and the only thing I thought was: ‘I’m going to die’. Five minutes into the game I couldn’t keep running anymore, I needed to be substituted.”.

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At that time, he said that one of his colleagues was being treated by the doctors, so he took advantage of the break to drink an isotonic drink and apply a gel.

After the episode, boyish He put aside the Portuguese crack diet and started a nutrition plan with the doctors from the São Paulo team who prepared a diet for him according to his weight, height and physical mass.

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Source: Ambito

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