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Formula 1: sanctions against Russian driver Mazepin are lifted

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Nikita Mazepin He was fired from the team F1 Haas after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in March 2022 he joined a list of Russian personalities sanctioned by the EUin which his father is also, Dimitry Mazepinowner and CEO of chemical manufacturer Uralchem.

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The EU I consider that Nikita Mazepin was “related to an influential businessman (his father) with activities in economic sectors that constitute a substantial source of income” for Russia.

Dimitry Mazepin He has always supported the career of his son, who arrived at Haas in 2021 accompanied by the sponsorship of the Russian group uralkaliof which Dimitry Mazepin is a shareholder via Uralchem.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine (at the end of February 2022), the American team Haas broke his sponsorship contract with uralkali.

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The mandate of the EU does not allow instead mazepin can compete on a team that has a relationship with his father or anyone else on the sanctioned list.

In case of signing for a team and competing again, mazepin you must commit to doing it “under a neutral flag and sign the commitment of the pilots required by the International Automobile Federation for this purpose”says the text.

“I am very happy with this decision, which gives me hope to resume my professional career in international motor racing”reacted mazepin to the AFP.

“I’m going to do everything possible to be able to make up for lost time and look ahead to rejoin the sport that I love, to which I have dedicated my life”he added.

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