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Oedt President Grad before kick-off: “We will definitely not become champions”

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Oedt President Franz Grad
Image: Lui
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Who wants to get promoted in the football Upper Austria league? As in previous years, this question is also polarizing before the start of the current spring season. Because it is more than uncertain whether the view of the Upper Austrian football association that the champions can no longer do without promotion to the regional league due to the infrastructure requirements that will also apply in the upper Austrian league from next season is legally valid. Since the regulations for promotion and relegation cannot be changed during a season, a club that does not want to be promoted would have a good legal chance. The OÖN reported:

Herbstmeister Oedt will start at home against Friedburg on Saturday. Oedt President Franz Grad is still relaxed about the promotion cause: “We recently lost 3-0 to Gurten and are miles away from the regional league. We will definitely not be champions.”

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His aversion to the third division continues: “I don’t understand why the association doesn’t see it when a club doesn’t want to expose itself to this economic adventure.”

Wallern wants to go up?

Of course there is also the possibility – should the champions of the OÖ-Liga not want to move up – that another team from the top five will move up. Recently, other media reported that Wallern, even as a non-champion, would be interested in promotion to the regional league this year.

According to Wallern sports director Albert Huspek, this interest is limited for the time being: “We would rise as champions, we’ve always communicated that. But I can’t confirm whether we would rise as second or third. We would do it in the Check if the worst comes to the worst, but it’s definitely not fixed.”

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