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The AFA must pay millions to a referee who was vetoed by Beligoy

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The Argentine Football Association lost a million-dollar trial with a SADRA referee and must pay him millions of pesos for suffering “unfair practice” and being vetoed by the president of the Argentine Referees Association (AAA), Federico Beligoy. In addition, he will be reinstated and direct again.

The referee Maximilian Salado Paz won a million-dollar lawsuit Argentine Football Association (AFA) after being marginalized for belonging to another guild, for which he will once again deliver justice in local tournaments as he is considered a “unfair practice” Of the entity.

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Salty Peace is part of Union of Referees of the Argentine Republic (SADRA) and not of the Association of Arbitrators of Argentina (AAA)commanded by Federico Beligoyfor which he began to be separated from the activity.


“I started directing, as the main referee. Since they didn’t like my height, I dedicated myself to being an assistant. In 2019 I was playing in the First National, all the games in Buenos Aires, with good possibilities of ascending until all this problem came and I they began to send Federal A. In 2021 I only directed two games and never again”expressed the judge in statements to Clarion.

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And added: “At first, as the change was so abrupt, it hit me very hard. I was so close to playing in the First Division and I came to nothing. I was sharing a reduced group, doing the preseason, I had the dream of becoming international. It all took a long time due to legal issues.”

After the lawsuit, the judge’s ruling Viviana Dobarrio forced the AFA to pay him one million pesos more interest to the arbitrator, another million as a fine for “unfair practice” and almost two million more as fees for the lawyers who intervened in the process.

Labor Court No. 21 indicated that “The parties that were assigned to him to arbitrate gradually decreased until they stopped granting him said tasks, a circumstance that, according to the elements provided, is linked to his affiliation to a specific union and that, according to the testimony rendered, also affected other people affiliated with said association, specifically SADRA”.

Source: Ambito

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