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Austria fans destroy the toilet facility in Rieder Stadium

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Supporters of Wiener Austria misbehaved in Ried
Image: GEPA pictures/ Christian Moser
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From a sporting point of view, things didn’t go as planned for SV Ried last Saturday in the 1:3 defeat against Wiener Austria. The people of the Innviertel also had to get angry off the pitch: As SV Ried announced, completely destroyed toilet facilities were found in the guest sector of the Josko Arena after the Bundesliga game on Saturday.

The pictures that the people of the Innviertel made public via social media show, among other things, sinks that have been torn from their anchorages and destroyed paper towel dispensers. “We strongly condemn the destruction of sinks, toilets, etc.,” explains SV Ried in a Facebook post. “We appeal to Austria fans to behave differently on future visits to Ried.”

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: Nachrichten

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