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In Singapore it’s about two million

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Sofia Polcanova
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SINGAPORE. Sofia Polcanova appears in 13th place in the table tennis world rankings, making the 28-year-old athlete from Linz AG Froschberg the second-best European behind Han Ying, who plays for Germany, and who the Austrian won at the European Top 16 event a good two weeks ago defeated 4-1 in Montreux in the final. There may be a chance for revenge this week. Polcanova is number 14 seeded at the $2 million Singapore Grand Smash. “I have good memories of this tournament and I hope that I can deliver my best performance,” said the European champion, who finished fifth there last year in singles and won bronze in doubles alongside Romania’s Bernadette Szocs. Polcanova’s talented clubmate Anastasia Sterner (18) secured three gold medals at the Austrian U21 Championships.

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