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Internal politics in Boca exploded: the opponent Ibarra accused the ruling party of “going over the statute”

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Supported by Mauricio Macri, who will be on his list, the main opposition leader denounced the current board of directors headed by Jorge Ameal on social networks. He argued that it is established that “by their sole condition they will have a special location in the stadium.”

they started. The sticks of the opposition against the ruling party. Andrés Ibarra denounced on his social networks that the Board of Directors of Boca does not comply with the club’s statute with the issue of the assistance of life partners in the Bombonera.

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Boca is going through an electoral year and the internship between the ruling party and the opposition began to heat up. The news broke over the weekend that former President Mauricio Macri will not only return to support the candidate Andrés Ibarra but will also join the list. In principle, he would go as the main member, but if his group wins, it is not unreasonable for him to remain as second or third vice president.

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If so, they will meet again, but this time in the political arena the current vice president Juan Román Riquelme and the former head of the club and the National Executive.

It is known that when one was a player and the other president of the institution, the relationship between the two was not the best. Thus thrown the cards on the table, the opposition began to lash out against the ruling party. And it was Andrés Ibarra who, through social networks, complained about the “member ranking” that imposes conditions on life members to access the field.

Prior to the game that Boca drew against Defensa y Justicia 0-0 the night before last at La Bombonera, the current xeneize board of directors sent the following statement to life members: “As is public knowledge, the club began to be required to have authorized only to partners who complete the full capacity of the stadium and the LV sector cannot be oblivious to this situation. The new attendance confirmation system launched by the Club through SoySocio is a consequence of this. As regards strictly our Department, in the coming weeks we will be communicating the new attendance confirmation system for Life Members. A system that will contemplate different variables and not only the assistance to the LV sector”.

The statement stressed that to attend the generals on Monday the partner had to have attended two games of the last 17 at that location. It was also indicated that to attend the LV sector, the partner had to have attended 6 of the last 17 matches in that sector. He himself clarified that if he is new for life (entry after September), he will be enabled by default since it is understood that he did not have the opportunity to attend 6 games in Sector LV and meet said requirement.

Ibarra, former Minister of Modernization during the Macrista government, denounced the current leadership headed by Jorge Amor Ameal for the implementation of said ranking, arguing that the measure goes against the provisions of the institution’s statute.

“They go above the club’s statute,” said Ibarra, who through a series of tweets, gave an account of the situation. “The Board of Directors of Boca informed us life partners about a new ranking. Boca’s statute is very clear: “Because of their sole condition of life they will have a special location in the stadium.” This is the recognition of the partners who have continuously contributed to our beloved Boca for 30 years. Putting a ranking is going over the club’s statute and removing the recognition that life-long members deserve,” denounced the opposition candidate.

“As a life member, I believe that this measure only continues to demonstrate that the CD considers that it is above the rules and above Boca. No one can be above the club. Boca belongs to the partners and it has to be that way”, concluded Ibarra.

However, the adaptation of the “membership ranking” was a special request by the security authorities of the Buenos Aires government after the “excess capacity” detected by the Justice at the beginning of this Professional League against Atlético Tucumán.

Source: Ambito

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