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Adam Bareiro double in San Lorenzo’s win against Gimnasia

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Adam Bareiro contributed two goals in the bulky victory of Ciclón over Lobo 4-0, on date 7 of Argentina – Professional League 2023. The goals of the match for the local were scored by Andrés Vombergar (38′ 1T), Adam Bareiro ( 12′ 2T, penalty and 32′ 2T) and Gastón Hernández (35′ 2T).

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A highlight of the game was Gastón Hernández’s goal in the 35th minute of the second half. After receiving a cross from Jalil Elías, the defender finished off the goal from the big area and beat the rival goalkeeper, who could do nothing.

The figure of the meeting was Gastón Hernández. The San Lorenzo defender was important because he scored 1 goal.

Agustín Martegani was also key in the New Gasometer. The San Lorenzo midfielder stood out against Gimnasia as he gave 52 correct passes, stole 2 balls and kicked 2 times on goal.

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At 52 minutes into the second half, the San Lorenzo midfielder Agustín Martegani embarrassed Ignacio Miramón, the gymnastics midfielder, with a stupendous pipe.

It was a game with many fouls and numerous interruptions. There were 2 reprimands: Ignacio Miramón and Carlos Sánchez. He was sent off for a direct red card, Guillermo Enrique in the 15th minute of the first half.

The San Lorenzo coach, Rubén Insúa, arranged a 3-4-3 formation on the field with Augusto Batalla in goal; Federico Gattoni, Rafael Pérez and Gastón Hernández on the defensive line; Gonzalo Luján, Jalil Elías, Agustín Martegani and Malcom Braida in the middle; and Andrés Vombergar, Adam Bareiro and Ezequiel Cerutti in attack.

For their part, those led by Sebastián Romero planted themselves with a 4-5-1 strategy with Tomás Durso under the three sticks; Bautista Barros Schelotto, Leonardo Morales, Felipe Sánchez and Matías Bazzi in defense; Ignacio Miramón, Guillermo Enrique, Alan Lescano, Maximiliano Comba and Benjamín Domínguez in midfield; and Cristian Tarragona up front.

The designated referee for the match was Pablo Echavarría.

El Ciclón will visit Newell`s on the next day, while El Lobo will host Estudiantes at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo stadium.

The local is leading with 16 points, while the visitor reached 5 points and is placed in twenty-sixth place in the tournament.

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