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National team: Flick before the restart: mistakes in Qatar, trust in Völler

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Hansi Flick learned lessons from the World Cup debacle. Political issues must no longer distract the team. Before the restart with the March test games, the national coach also relies on the Völler effect.

In his analysis of the failure of the World Cup in Qatar, Hansi Flick sees his own mistakes, but also unfair treatment of the national soccer team. For the restart towards the home EM 2024, the national coach now has high hopes in Rudi Völler (62) as the new DFB sports director.

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“Rudi has been a constant in German football for the past few decades. He has experience, he knows which levers to use,” said the 58-year-old Flick in an interview shortly before his squad was nominated for the first international matches in 2023. foosball”. “I enjoy the exchange with him, we are on the same wavelength,” emphasized the national coach.

Völler should act as a kind of buffer for Flick

Völler could address many things more clearly in the coming months and also have his back, Flick hopes. “I really like him. He was a professional, coach and official himself, and he says what he thinks. I think that’s good, especially in contrast to me. Sometimes I tactic too much. Sometimes I have the feeling that my words are very precise having to weigh things up and preferring to keep some thoughts to myself,” said Flick in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

After the end of the World Cup, Völler was appointed as the successor to managing director Oliver Bierhoff with the task of acting as a kind of buffer for Flick. For the national coach, the many topics apart from sporting events, such as the debate about the One Love captain’s armband in Qatar, remain a big disadvantage.

“It just wasn’t good, and I hope that we learn from this situation. Everyone. Me, but also politicians and the association. It could have been clarified in advance: Is it allowed to be worn or is it not allowed? Like that The topic must be cleared up beforehand, that’s the clear lesson from this World Cup,” said Flick about the pad discussion. “There must never be so much pressure again – neither on an individual player nor on a team,” he said.

“Have to set clear priorities from now on”

Flick did not want to hide his own mistakes. He was only able to convey the defensive style of play to the players “in theory”. “As far as the automatisms in the back four are concerned, we have to set clear priorities from now on,” announced Flick in the “SZ”. This year he also wants to experiment in the international matches until June, possibly also using players who are not regular players in their clubs. After that, starting in September, the system and formation for the home European Championship in summer 2024 will have to be imported.

With good performance, the mood will improve again. “The most important thing is that we show good football, passionate football. If the fan notices that we give everything for Germany and play with heart, the mood can quickly change again,” said Flick to the “kicker”. The games on March 25th in Mainz against Peru and on March 28th in Cologne against Belgium will be the first test.

Source: Stern

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