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Sunday, April 2, 2023

What LASK can learn from after the first spring defeat

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LASK defense chief Philipp Ziereis
Image: GEPA pictures/ Christian Moser (GEPA pictures)
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“As in the first leg, it was our turn to take something with us. We were just not there in the crucial situations,” said LASK defense chief Philip Ziereis after the 0:2 against Salzburg, the first competitive defeat of the year. The 29-year-old promised in the Sky interview: “We can and will learn from that.”

With all the lessons that are learned: Salzburg may be beatable in one game, but the difference in quality cannot be made up for over the entire championship. Salzburg has scored 54 points after 21 rounds – more than any team before. No wonder, with a squad market value that is more than five times that of “pursuer” Sturm Graz and eight times that of LASK. In this respect, it speaks for the people of Linz that they were able to cause problems for the master over a few phases of the game.

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Moving to the Raiffeisen Arena is also a learning process. LASK called on the fans for feedback with suggestions for improvement. 160 emails were received by the weekend, and the feasible suggestions are being implemented bit by bit.

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