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Champions League: Tourism lawyer: “The Eintracht fans were unlucky”

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After a legal dispute with Italian authorities, Eintracht Frankfurt is giving up the ticket quota for the second leg of the Champions League in Naples. Do fans have a right to refunds?

Tourism lawyer Paul Degott sees little chance of Eintracht Frankfurt fans being reimbursed for their travel expenses to Naples. “It’s a difficult and complex situation, but I think the Eintracht fans were unlucky,” he said in an interview with the German Press Agency.

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Although you will be able to cancel flight tickets and get a refund of taxes and fees, “but the ticket fee is gone,” said Degott. “After all, the airline can say: ‘We only fly from A to B, what you want to do in B and whether that works or not can’t be my risk’.”

It is similar with accommodation, since the landlords have reserved extra spaces and have nothing to do with the reasons for the cancellations, said the lawyer. “It’s going to be difficult at all levels because the public sector got in the way. Because you can’t tell any of the companies involved that you’ve made a mistake in any way.”

Ban for all visiting fans

According to Eintracht spokesman Martin Wons, no money has yet been paid for the ticket contingent that Eintracht Frankfurt does not want to use now, so nothing has to be refunded. Anyone who has booked their own accommodation and flight or train does so “at their own risk, you then bear the risk yourself,” said Wons.

On Sunday, the Prefecture of Naples imposed a ban on all guest fans from the city of Frankfurt. Eintracht speaks of a unique event in the European Cup and is outraged by the development. According to their own statements, the authorities in Naples want to prevent violent fan groups from rioting.

Source: Stern

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