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The president of Rosario Central unmasked the brava bar

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The president of Rosario Central, Gonzalo Belloso, denounced that “there is a group of four or five thousand people who are attacking” the institution, who try to “enter the field by force” and that “they don’t want” the club to grow.

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“There is a group of four or five thousand people who are attacking the club, who used to enter the field for free, with the previous board of directors, who now try to enter by force and without paying, and thus take the place of the members and of the subscribers to the audience who pay their fee and subscription, sometimes drawing from where they don’t have. Central is a very big club and it belongs to the members and subscribers, that’s why I say that this four thousand fans do not want Central grow”noted the headline “scoundrel”.

In a press conference offered this afternoon at the Centennial Hall of the Gigante de Arroyito stadium, Belloso revealed that “In the four games that we played at home, we had problems with this group of people who organize themselves, sing ‘we made the caravan and we entered the same way’ and try to enter without tickets. In the game with Talleres, the previous board of directors gave 9,870 tickets of protocol, which are free tickets, that is, they are resources that they take from Central. No club is viable if it gives away almost ten thousand tickets per game.”.

“We are experiencing an unpleasant moment in the organization, we are not alien. We saw that the partner was not respected on the day of the game. For us, the partner is the priority. We are going to try to get him to come with the family or with whoever he wants, but to come to enjoy the pitch and not have a bad time. That’s why we are very sorry that the members are having a bad time”continued.

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“We made the anti-political decision, in quotes. These four thousand people are attacking the club, who today are trying to enter the field in any way, attacking the partner, who is the owner of the club”Belloso elaborated on the incidents that occurred at some gates of the Gigante de Arroyito, which caused some plateistas to stay outside the field.

In this sense, beautiful He emphasized that “these people are betraying the true owners of this club, who are the members, who are going to move it forward. A messiah will not come here and save it, he will move forward for the members, working together and being together, that’s why I once again apologize to the partners for what we have to do with responsibility”.

“Of all the operations of a match, the board of directors does not have all the responsibility. We sit down countless times before the matches with all the security organizations: Municipality, police, Utedyc, with the control people, we are very respectful of the institutions, but we ask them to please do their job well. The police asked us for fences, we put up fences; they asked us for phenolic, we put phenolic; they asked us for horses, then they told us that the truck was not running to bring them, we put a truck to bring the horses. We ask that, in some way, they can differentiate the righteous from the sinners because they are taking the family off the field.”

The “scoundrel” president stressed that “if there is something I don’t want, it is for the family to leave the field, we want to take care of the family of Central so that they continue to fill the field. The other day there were members and subscribers to audiences who had Partners who pay (technical director Miguel Ángel) Russo, who pay the 430 employees, the players, that’s why I ask the institutions to please stop this because it’s very clear who are the ones that generate this situation”.

Asked about the situation of fans who entered the popular ones when they were already full and who were referred by the police to the stalls, beautiful He responded that “the members make their popular reservation and when the gallery is full no one else can enter, but the stalls are not a reservoir of people who do not enter the popular stall because the stalls have their owner, who is the subscriber, or the fan who bought it because every game we sell between 2,500 and 3,500 stalls for non-members, is something that the police have to understand and not send more people from the popular to the stalls”.

Regarding the root of the problem, the “scoundrel” owner explained that “there are four thousand people who previously had all the privileges, who entered the field for free and sat anywhere. I have nothing against them, but this is an institution private, we don’t do charity. This is a soccer club, I want to have a club with more and more income to put them on the field and have an increasingly competitive team and that we can be the team that deserves to be Rosario Central. But If among the same fans we step on the hose we will have problems”.

Source: Ambito

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