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Ibarra was discharged after being hospitalized and will direct Boca again

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The Boca coach was released after spending the night hospitalized for a nosebleed. It is expected that this afternoon he will lead the ‘xeneize’ team again in training.

After the scare in the morning practice on Wednesday and being admitted to the Italian Hospital of San Justo, Hugo Ibarra received a medical discharge this Thursday morning and brought peace of mind to the whole world Mouth‘.

The DT underwent medical studies and spent the night hospitalized for a nosebleed accompanied by severe headaches.

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The “Negro”, already discharged, would be present in the practice of Mouth in the afternoon, since the doctors indicated that he could work without problems. The training in Ezeiza It will start at 4:00 p.m.

The medical report

He Italian Hospital of San Justo announced the state of health of “Negro”, who had to leave the morning practice due to a nose bleed and a severe headache.

“Patient Hugo Ibarra was admitted to the Emergency Center of the Italian Hospital of San Justo, today at 11:30 a.m., due to nosebleeds of 3 hours of evolution. There he was treated in conjunction with the Otolaryngology service”begins the statement signed by the Medical Directorate.

And he gave details about what happened to DT ‘xeneize’: “Nasal epistaxis of arterial origin was identified, which was controlled with local treatment. The patient remained stable from admission to the Hospital and it was decided to admit him for evolutionary follow-up.”

Source: Ambito

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