Tickets for Argentina are over: the best memes

Tickets for Argentina are over: the best memes

La Scaloneta will appear at the Monumental on Thursday, March 23 against Panama and more than a million fans accessed the Deporticket site to get a ticket to watch the game.

This Thursday Tickets for the first match of the Argentine National Team went on sale in the country after the consecration in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The online demand exceeded one million people waiting to have a place in the Monumental Stadium and in just two and a half hours the tickets were sold out. With Messi at the helm, the Scaloneta will face Panama on Thursday 23 and there will be more than 83,000 spectators present.

Yes ok River Plate stadium is the largest in Americamillions of fans wanted to buy their tickets for not to miss the first presentation of the team after the World Cup. Starting at 2:00 p.m., the Deportick page, where tickets were put on sale, had a queue of over a million people and after two and a half hours on sale, tickets are over.

Faced with this scenario, the fans desperate for a place in the Monumentalthey shared on social networks memes that illustrated the situation.

The best ticket sales memes










Argentina vs. Panama: How much did the tickets cost?

Although the demand for a ticket for the friendly exploded the ticket sales page, fans were surprised to see the high prices shared by the AFA on Wednesday morning.

General Tickets:

  • Less than popular (up to 10 years): $7,000
  • Popular: $12,000

Medium and high stalls:

  • Sívori and Centenera Medium: $24,000
  • San Martín and Blegrano Alta: $24,000

Lower stalls:

  • San Martín and Belgrano Baja: $48,000
  • San Martín and Belgrano Media: $49,000

Source: Ambito

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