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Tranquility in the mouth: Ibarra, present in training

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Despite the advice to rest for 48 hours formulated by the doctors at the Italian Hospital of San Justo, where he remained hospitalized for 24 hours for observation, the Boca coach wanted to be in the training of his managers.

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The 48-year-old from Formosa, who was visited early this morning by the president of Boca Jorge Amealleft the health center with the same sportswear that he entered and got into a vehicle to go to the Ezeiza property, where he had lunch and then went home to rest for a while at the command of his truck.

Ibarra had a talk with Juan roman riquelme, second vice president of the club and personal friend of DT, who asked him to take at least one day off. However, the coach arrived this afternoon at 4:15 p.m. at the Ezeiza property in his private car.

Today’s training session for the xeneize squad was the most important of the week, since there was a soccer practice where the team was looming to face Instituto de Córdoba next Sunday.

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Ibarra had to be urgently transferred to the hospital yesterday after breaking down during the practice carried out by the squad at the Ezeiza Training Center.


The technician began to feel bad and at one point his nose bled. He was immediately checked by the club’s doctors and taken by ambulance to a clinic, where he remained hospitalized until today as a precaution.

Sebastián Aragón, one of the doctors who attended the DT, He was cautious about the causes of the episode, in the midst of versions due to an alleged stress picture: “It is something very subjective, anyone has this. It is common, especially with the hot days we have now. Significant vasodilation is generated.”

“He started with bleeding, he came to the hospital guard and the clinicians compensated him. He had significant bleeding. We did a minimally invasive routine treatment that is to put a stopper on it. We cauterized that vessel and with that the issue was resolved,” he explained. .

In the middle of the afternoon yesterday, Boca uploaded an image of the smiling coach with a thumbs up on his networks, sitting on the bed in his hospital room.

The photo was accompanied by the official medical part with the following content: “Patient Hugo Ibarra was admitted to the Emergency Center of the Italian Hospital of San Justo today, at 11:30 a.m., due to a nosebleed of three hours of evolution. There he was treated in conjunction with the otorhinolaryngology service.

Nasal epistaxis of arterial origin was identified, which was controlled with local treatment,” the statement concluded.

Source: Ambito

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