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Demichelis remains in doubt about De La Cruz’s replacement

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The coach of River, Martin Demichelismaintains the doubt with the replacement of Nicholas De La Cruz although the best chances are still Esequiel Boat to play before sarmiento on Sunday night in the Buenos Aires game of Junín for the eighth date of La Professional Soccer League.

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Ship is the candidate because, in addition to having entered for the Uruguayan From the cross against Godoy Cruzis the player who together with Ignacio Fernandez He was present at all of the team’s official matches.

River played nine games since the start of the competition and Ship He was part of the team on five occasions coming on from the substitute bench and in the remaining four playing as a starter, which is why he has played 426 minutes with two penalty goals.

With the income of Ship, Demichelis can sustain the tactical system that allowed him to play the best match against “Tomba” when he decided to use a 4-2-3-1 with Lucas Beltran as the only point and area reference.

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If this was the only change, the team would come out with: Franco Armani, Milton Casco, Leandro González Pírez, Paulo Díaz and Enzo Diaz; Rodrigo Aliendo and Enzo Perez; Ignacio Fernandez, Boat and Jose Paradela; Lucas Beltran.

Anyway, other flyers like Santiago Simon and Augustine Palavecino -who already played in a similar system- are other alternatives that the coach tried out in some tactical work.

The other possibility you have Demichelis is to return to the system that he used the most so far this year with a 4-4-2 that includes one more forward in attack as Miguel Borja, Solomon Rondon either Pablo Solari.

One way or another, there is still Demichelis one more training session tomorrow afternoon at the Monumental to solve the problem that was generated with the injury of From the cross after the team had a great performance with the 3-0 against Mendoza.

For his part, the Uruguayan From the cross he started the physio-kinesic tasks without physical activity that will leave him out of the fields for a period of two weeks in order to return to training normally in the first week of April.

The bet of the coaching staff and the player himself is to reach the second game of the group stage of the Libertadores Cupwhich is scheduled for mid-April, and to be able to continue in the final part of the semester.

The Uruguayan, who had an episode of synovitis in his right knee on Wednesday during training, is coming off a complicated season of injuries that forced him to undergo arthroscopy after the Qatar World Cup in December.

From the crosswho was one of the figures on Sunday before Godoy Cruzhad returned to the competition after about three months of special work and managed to play four games, half starting, and 200 minutes of play.

The other player who is aiming to return for the Libertadores group stage is Matías Kranevitterthat last December in the first friendly of the era Demichelis suffered a broken ankle in front of La Calera Union.

The midfielder, who underwent surgery before the end of the year, had a very good recovery, which is why he has already been doing physical work in the field for a couple of weeks and it is estimated that in April he will start with ball routines.

In relation to the Libertadores Cupwhich will be raffled on March 28 in Assumption, River knows that in April he is going to play two games and if the presentations of the Professional League will have seven games in 30 days.

The “Millionaires” will play a friendly against University of Chile in jump so that the team and especially the players who have been adding minutes arrive with rhythm for next month’s string.

Therefore, the team will return to Buenos Aires the same Sunday after the match against sarmiento and, after a day of rest, he will carry out a mini preseason of special works to readjust the players from the physical aspect.

Regarding the meeting before sarmientothe team will meet tomorrow afternoon at the Monumental and on Sunday morning he will travel by bus to Junin to have lunch and rest at the Hotel Copahue.

In addition to the starting team, Demichelis must define the list of summoned especially for cases of matias suarez and Emanuel Mammana that a couple of weeks ago they are ready to return but they didn’t even go to the substitute bench.

Source: Ambito

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