Luis Ventura denounced that Victoriano Arenas was robbed

Luis Ventura denounced that Victoriano Arenas was robbed

The journalist, television host and coach denounced that the club where he directs suffered a harsh assault.

Journalist louis ventura told that they looted victorian sandsthe club that he directs and that is a member of the first C of the argentinian soccerafter forcing entry to the complex, for which he requested security measures to prevent new criminal acts in the institution.

“One more blow that makes the road more difficult for us. This is a neighborhood club that makes a lot of effort, that rows all the time, that tries to improve the conditions of those who still bet on sports and health”he pointed Fortune in statements to Chronicle after revealing what happened.

He also added: “When one analyzes what is happening, one realizes that one does not steal out of hunger or poverty, but to do harm. It was in our annex in San Miguel where we developed the sports complex with the aim of preparing our inferiors.”

“They barred the entrance to the complex, they took a pan, a hamburger iron, the electric kettle and some furniture”listed Fortune.

Notably upset by what happened, the journalist recounted: “A few weeks ago they had also robbed us at the headquarters, a complex that gives disciplines and sports to many people. We came from having meters and meters of cable stolen from us to steal the copper and they sell it precisely to later exchange for drugs.”

“We had to make an entire enclosure with material so that the motor that gives us the possibility of having automatic irrigation is not stolen. That cost us a lot of effort and a lot of money. We put bars and they are always aware of where they can push us”he continued.

Finally, Fortune claimed to the State: “It’s good that they see us and support us, but we also need security. So yes, we will be able to do the sport that allows us to be stronger and, above all, have a healthy head.”

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