Brian Fernández, the footballer whose whereabouts were unknown, appeared

Brian Fernández, the footballer whose whereabouts were unknown, appeared

The striker has been struggling for years with his drug addiction and each of his disappearances puts everyone around him on edge. This time he was no exception, but the appearance of his car in those conditions set off a stronger alarm that, fortunately, went off after a few hours with the call of Brian Fernandezas stated on Page 12.

The athlete had been removed from the squad by the coach Nestor Gorosito after missing two days to training. “I told him I was giving him a chance and I gave him two, that’s it”said the technical director who acknowledged having spoken with the player before being sidelined.

In this context, the player’s psychologist, Osvaldo Chiarlo, He accused the club and the coach for what happened. “Colón and Gorosito have just let go of Brian’s hand. As a society we are totally immature, we are masks. Brian teaches us what happens to 90% of the people who live in this consumer culture and in soccer,” he attacked in dialogue with Radio EME FM 96.3.

What had happened?

Brian Fernandez, today in Colonplayed in Defense and Justice, Racing, and Ferro, among other equipment. His talent made him a rising figure with a promising future, but he faced drug problems that kept him from his best level.

A neighbor told the LT10 site that they noticed the presence of the vehicle on Sunday around 10 in the morning and that inside there was a sleeping man, leaning on the steering wheel.

Subsequently, a man on a motorcycle approached, manipulated the car until it was placed on the side of the street, left, and then returned to take the young man, he adds in dialogue with LT10.

Although the neighbors called the police, they came, looked and left. Later, a van and several people approached, who ended up stealing parts of the vehicle.

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